Northern Mainie Media has reached an agreement to purchase  County Communications and take over the day to day operations of the radio stations recently. County Communications was formed in 1996 and purchased the license for WHOU 100.1 FM. They moved into their present facility on Court Street and constructed their new transmitter tower in Smyrna. The Houlton radio station now has local ownership once again.

     In the summer of 2008, County Communications took over the operation of WBCQ FM 94.7 . Their transmitter tower is located in Monticello. With two very different formats, County Communications now has something for just about everyone's tastes.

 Meet the staff that run the stations.

Fred Grant - Owner/General Manager

Ken Holck - Local Sales Manager/Sports Director

Linnwood Hersey - Sales Account Executive

Susan Hamel- Traffic/ProductionRyan Hill - Sales Account Executive /Announcer

Zach Goodwin - Sunday Morning Sports Show HostBarrett Quint - Chief Engineer

Jason Hill - Starting Dec.5th Our New Morning Man !


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